Travel Vaccination Travel Medicine

Are you planning a trip abroad? Your well-being is important to us no matter where you go. 

Especially for long-distance travel, we recommend planning well in advance and seeking detailed travel-specific medical advice, which you can obtain at the St. Anna Pharmacy at any time. 

Travel Vaccination Travel Medicine

Travel Pharmacy

We are informed about currently recommended vaccinations and advise you on the basis of a computer-supported program regarding prophylaxis and therapy - tailored to your destination. Our program is networked with the leading European institutions for travel and tropical medicine.

Your travel destination also determines the composition of the first-aid kit, which we are happy to prepare together with you based on your individual needs.

Backpack pharmacy

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking or biking, you can easily get injured. For such events, carrying a well-equipped backpack pharmacy is ideal. We are happy to help you best prepare for such emergencies.

Also, remember to regularly check your first aid kit in the car.

Medicine cabinet

What belongs into a well-equipped medicine cabinet? And is yours up to date? At the St. Anna Pharmacy, we are happy to show you during a consultation which remedies you should not be missing, either for first aid or minor injuries.

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For children and adults, the following applies: Hardly any vaccination protection lasts a lifetime.


And hardly anyone is protected forever with a single vaccine dose. Many vaccinations must be refreshed after a certain period of time. We will check your vaccination card, advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of respective vaccines and provide you tips on who should be vaccinated against which disease and when. 

Take the first step and bring your vaccination card with you.

Equipment for rental

Our promise of holistic health care includes the service of lending a variety of medical equipment. 

For your desired period of time, we will provide you with the device that is initially indispensable for you, but you may no longer need/require at a later point in time. We will personally instruct you in the proper usage of your equipment of choice.

Breast pumps

Child scales

Walking aids

Inhalation devices

Oxygen bottles

Stay healthy and stay in contact with us!

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