At the St. Anna Pharmacy, we are looking forward to assisting you with all of our medical and pharmaceutical knowledge.

When it comes to improving your wellbeing, alleviating your symptoms and taking precautions for your health, we care for your overall well-being and look beyond "where it hurts". We practice a wholesome approach so that you feel most comfortable every day.

Apothekertradition seit 1897

St. Anna Apotheke Bozen Südtirol

Pharmacist tradition since 1897

House remedies

Get healthy and stay healthy with naturopathic methods

Based on our heritage and expertise, we are extremely knowledgeable of the specific effects of medicinal herbs that have been used for centuries. In our pharmacy you will find house specialties on a herbal and allopathic basis that we have been producing for generations based on family-recipes that have been passed on over the years. 


For many symptoms we have a self-developed preparation.

From the soothing Swedish bitters, English balm, sleeping syrup and a healing cough syrup for children and adults to the proven „Bolzano ointment“ or capsules against arthrosis, for dissolving mucus or with St. John's wort, which are well tolerated even by children. 

Thanks to recommendations, our house specialities are well known and highly appreciated by doctors and our customers. You too can experience the beneficial and effective power of our delicacies.

A wide selection of tinctures and soothing tea blends (breast tea, nerve tea, liver and gall tea, kidney and bladder tea, stomach tea), Schüssler salts and Bach flower therapies round off our offer. 


Tee, Teesorten

At the St. Anna Pharmacy, the health of your skin is in perfect hands.

Our trained staff will give you individual advice for your skin type. Especially for sensitive, allergy-prone and stressed skin, we keep a wide range of skin care and sun protection products from the leading brands in stock for you. 

Benefit from our profound knowledge and dermatological competence, which we continuously extend and develop in cooperation with dermatologists. 


Kosmetik, St. Anna Apotheke Bozen
Avene Kosmetik, St. Anna Apotheke BozenAvene, allergiegefährdet, sensible Haut, Hautcreme, Hautpflege, Sonnenschutz
Rilastil, sensible Haut, Hautcreme, Hautpflege, Sonnenschutz
Avene, sensible Haut, Hautcreme, Hautpflege, Sonnenschutz
Vichy, sensible Haut, Hautcreme, Hautpflege, Sonnenschutz
La Roche-Posay, sensible Haut, Hautcreme, Hautpflege, Sonnenschutz

A gluten-free diet is the critical factor in alleviating the symptoms of coeliac disease - gluten intolerance

Our pharmacy team will advise you on your individual diet plan and show you how to achieve variety in your diet. We offer a wide range of gluten-free foods, including frozen products. 

Schär, glutenfreie Produkte für Zöliakie, Apotheke St. Anna, Bozen
Apotheke St. Anna, Bozen
Schär, glutenfrei

Celiac disease

Improving quality of life despite diabetes

When advising diabetics, we pay attention to the wholesome spectrum of the medication. 

There are drugs increasing or decreasing the effect of diabetes preparations, as well as various drugs that are not suitable or only partially suitable for diabetics due to their sugar or alcohol content. We are happy to advise you on such concerns, while also supporting you in the technical handling of the control devices.


Diabetes Produkt Accu Chek

Stay healthy and stay in contact with us!

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