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PCR test

Considered the safest method and the "gold standard" in Europe to detect an infection. Normally, you will receive the result by e-mail within 12 hours after the swab has been taken. For entry into numerous countries and especially for long-distance travel, proof of a negative PCR test is required. In this way, depending on the country and situation, quarantine can be avoided. The same applies to some airlines and some hotels. The result of the test will be communicated to the South Tyrolean Sanitary Service.

Strengthen the immune system in COVID-19 times

While it is unclear why some COVID-19 infected patients show no symptoms or only mild ones, while others become seriously ill, a good immune system is certainly an advantage. 

In addition to well-known hygiene measures such as washing your hands and practicing correct sneezing-conduct, sufficient sleep, a vitamin C-rich diet and dietary supplements with zinc strengthen the body's defense mechanisms and reduce your susceptibility to infection. 

We provide you with comprehensive information and recommend suitable preparations to help you stay healthy in these times.

Tick protection

Sometimes they do catch you: ticks!

They are not only annoying, but can also transmit dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease and early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE).  In order to prevent the worst case, you can prevent a tick bite with insect repellent products. 

If a tick bite does occur, rapid action is required. To remove a tick, tick tweezers and the tick card are used. We at the St. Anna Pharmacy can provide you with preventive information about the right protection, possibly recommend vaccination and ask you for symptoms in the case of a tick bite - at any time, even without an appointment.

Stay healthy and stay in contact with us!

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